Monday, 17 November 2008

I Heart Tatty Devine

For those unaccustomed with the name 'Tatty Devine', take yourself over to their wondrous website as quickly as your bandwidth will allow. Full of gorgeously cute, quirky jewellery and accessories, with both an online shop and two cute boutiques in London (situated in Brick Lane and Soho), Tatty Devine has been featured in many magazines and websites, including Vogue.

My current favourites are:

Heart-shaped Lolly Hairband - £41

Horse and Carriage Necklace - £54

Ruby Slippers Brooch - £25

(I've always loved The Wizard of Oz...)

(All images courtesy of Tatty Devine)


Steph said...

Love the carrige necklace! so cute!!!!

michelle said...

I adore the headband. Although for that price, I would rather DIY.
The necklace is cute as well; I am going to have to stop there next time I'm in London!