Saturday, 15 November 2008

What Veronica Bought Next (Or Last...)

Being a student on an extremely small budget, minus both job and loan, shopping for anything more than Tesco Value products has been extremely limited. However, I have managed a few small buys/gains, mostly made possible by either Primark or Student Night at Topshop!

I'll apologise now for the quality of the photos in this blog - largely due to a low resolution camera and the poor light they were taken in. I also wish I could have shown them being worn, but I've no one to take a photo of me, and no decent full length mirror.

Anyway, I bought this cute little tea dress a few weeks ago from Primark - when on it's nicely fitted but skims the stomach area so is flattering. I've worn it a bit too much!

This skirt is again from Primark at about £8 I think. It is slightly high waisted, so I usually where it with a shirt or tee tucked in.

In real life this cardy is shorter and a nicer red than it seems here. Originally from Zara, I rescued it from the 'discard' pile of a friend's sister.

Grey oversized cardy from Topshop.

And last but not least, my favourite recent purchase - a tee from Topshop. I've worn this so much - tucked into various high-waisted skirts, and baggy over denim mini's and skinny jeans. It's the most flattering baggy t-shirt I've found in a long while, and looks great in a rock chic kind of way.


Linnéa said...

Love the grey cardigans <3<3

Steph said...

The first dress looks almost Chloé. <3 it all tho